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Stories Shared on Great Nonprofits by our teens and parents about their feelings of Project Hawai'i Teen Mentoring Summer Program.

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My mother found this Teen Mentoring Program online and it definitely became one of best experiences I've been able to go through. It lasts 3 weeks and during it I witnessed the increasingly heavy poverty that Hawaii suffers through. I was blessed to meet a some 25 kids and have the opportunity to care for and get to know them. I was able to see the hope and humility these kids still have in their hearts, even though they suffer from disadvantages every single day. After just a week with them, I have obtained a bigger heart and a better understanding of the real world and its difficulties. I absolutely loved being given the opportunity to serve those less fortunate and giving them the same resources most people are so used to having. Serving and being with children are two immense passions of mine and this program only made them grow. From fundraising on the streets to putting clothes on the keiki, I have a whole new perspective on life. Overall, this program has changed my life and I encourage every teen to take part in this adventure.

Spending this time with the children really gave me a sense of who I am as leader and role model. Spending the summer away from my comfort zone has taught me so much about myself and allowed me to grow. I am excited for my future and feel more confident in my choices for career path and sports.

I can't thank Cliff enough for the mentoring and life skills helped me develop. 

UPDATE: This teen went back to her hometown in California, started a school based club to help poverty stricken children in her area with a reading program and even got a grant from the Pollination Project as being an outstanding teen!

Project Hawaii has made my children become better human beings. Hunter and Grace are teen mentors for Project Hawaii. They have learned how important outreach is and why we must be selfless. They know it is the duty of private citizens to help the unsheltered children of Hawaii. Where the government fails, we must provide. Thank you Magin for being such a great role model for my children.

I came from Pittsburgh, PA, to Hawaii to volunteer with Project Hawaii in 2010. Since then, the experience has still stuck with me as one of the best of my life. Magin works endlessly to ensure the children of Hawaii are taken care of despite the odds, and the rest of the volunteers do just the same. I am forever grateful for the work they do and I hope one day to be able to return to Hawaii and see what more awesome steps the organization has made to make the lives of the island's homeless population better.

I want to say that participating as a volunteer for Project Hawai'i is very rewarding. Not only for the volunteers but for the little homeless children they serve. As a volunteer you will feel the passion that the directors have for the program and the keiki. It is amazing to work with such dedicated people who never seem to give up regardless the trials they face. 
I know that I make the difference with any program I participate in. They are run by volunteers, and at some events they really need MORE. So, if you are looking to volunteer somewhere you know will make a difference in the lives of homeless children, then this would be a great place to start

HI, I was one of the teen mentors that worked with the homeless children during the summer camp. I was really excited to be able to visit Hawaii and earn community service hours over my summer. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the difference I would be making in the lives of the homeless children. This program allows the children to gain so much from self-esteem to life skills in such a short time. The people who run the program are so kind and caring. You can tell they devote their lives to the programs success. Being run 100% by volunteers truly makes this a very unique program. I am glad to be a part of it.

Being part of this years Project Hawai'i Summer Camp as jr. leader has changed my life. I have spent most of my life being homeless, or living with different relatives here and there. Stability is not something I know. However, being part of this life changing experience has truly touched my life. This is actually my second year, and was so grateful for the opportunity to continue on my path to ending the cycle of poverty and homelessness for myself.
What Magin and Cliff teach at this camp, and throughout the year, is that we are in control of our outcome. We might not know what is going to happen to day, or where we will live tomorrow, but we do have control of what we learn, what we experience and who we can become.
Without Project Hawai'i, I would not have the self-esteem or even the will to stay in school to succeed. Their teen mentoring and jr. leader program provides us with so much to hold on to as we learn and grow into young adults. Project Hawai'i provided me this opportunity as well as all my back to school needs. They even allow the teens to shop for their own clothing and shoes. Giving us the joy of picking out our own outfit, our style, our perfect size and color. yes, that does make a difference. 
Thank you to all those who make this possible. I know that the teens who participate have a tuition that helps to cover the cost for me to attend. I can't thank them enough. And the teens who truly care about me, and my future, more thanks than I can give.

I am proud to say that because of Project Hawai'i Teen Mentoring Summer Camp, I am a true mentor! I can't thanks this program and the dedicated staff enough for giving me the skills and self confidence to truly be the leader I always wanted to be. I attend camp a few years ago as a freshman. The entire group that year was 13-14 years old. We were told that was sort of rare, being that we are all either going to be or were freshmen. But as Magin always says, "Everything happens for a reason and the universe gives us exactly what we need, when we need it". Something that is hard to even comprehend, but this woman truly lives in a world of hope and dreams. She is always there for what the teens need, and beyond belief when it comes to providing for these homeless children we work alongside all summer long.
I wasn't sure what this program would provide for me, but I knew I needed to be my own person in an environment that was service driven. I am so glad that I took the steps to find this awesome organization and raised the extra money my parents wouldn't provide for me.
I was asked to share a story, but there are so many wonderful things to share, I decided just to give a recommendation. Enroll, go to this program, make it part of your life journey and tell your own stories. I hope to return someday and give back even more!

The people involved with Project Hawai'i literally changed my life. They helped open my eyes to the struggles of kids and families less fortunate than me and gave me a chance to see first hand the difference that can be made with just a simple backpack. I am forever thankful to Magin and Cliff for including me in their camp this summer, and consider them and others that are involved as my extended family. The dedication that they have for these families is something I have never seen before. They literally spend almost every waking moment helping these kids in someway. Whether it be hygiene bags or a new set of pajamas, these children are always being considered and taken care of. I hope to be able to come back and be apart of this amazing group again in the near future. Mahalo to Magin and Cliff for this unforgettable experience.

Project Hawaii has made my children become better human beings. Hunter and Grace are teen mentors for Project Hawaii. They have learned how important outreach is and why we must be selfless. They know it is the duty of private citizens to help the unsheltered children of Hawaii. Where the government fails, we must provide. Thank you Magin for being such a great role model for my children.

Becoming a teen mentor for Project Hawai'i Summer camp was truly a life changing experience. I am in my senior year of high school and my mom was pushing me to figure out a career path. I was so uncertain about what my passion was and what I wanted to dedicate my life to. My mom is a doctor, and yet I felt like she was not really happy with her choice in life. She truly should have been able to follow her real dreams and become a home decorator and reconstruct historic homes. Her parents wanted her to be "successful". 
After spending 4 weeks with the team at Project Hawai'i and finding my own strengths, I phoned my mother at our graduation and told her, "Yes, I will go to school to become a pediatrician." The fact that I know I can change lives and maybe someday have a foundation for those who can not afford adequate care and love was overwhelming what I wanted to strive for.
I am so grateful for this teen mentoring program. When I signed up, I thought, great I am going to Hawaii and will be able to volunteer and give back. Complete my senior project and have a blast. When I arrived and learned the true meaning of this camp, the leaders vision and actually saw first hand how these children live in poverty situations, my ideas fly out the window. I can't express the sadness one feels when seeing these children and how they are being raised to the joy you feel knowing you have helped them find joy and happiness, even if just for a moment in time. This past Christmas I sent them all a Christmas card and a small gift card with LOVE and know that these children will always remain in my heart. 
Nothing can beat this experience. Being able to find your own path and follow your journey alongside the guidance of those who really care is priceless. I am so happy to be part of this 'ohana (family as they say in Hawai'i).
Aloha until next time!

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