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Island Life Accommodations:


 Big Island of Hawai'i

This island features 13 of the different climates throughout the year. While teens are visiting, it will be mostly hot with cooler nights. 

When teens arrive, they will stay on the East side of the island. This is very tropical and lush. The vacation hale (home) we choose to stay offers all the comforts of home, including full kitchen, large living areas with television/movies and even karaoke night, large lush outside areas to explore.  Our teens can explore ancient lava fields right in the backyard while enjoying the waves of the ocean or the sunrise in the morning. 

Wifi is provided. 

Male/Female Accommodations: Obviously, this is very monitored and supervised. 


Our sleepover camp cabins are nestled on a natural reserve high on the mountains of the Hamakua coast. Over 150 lush acres of Hawaiian plant life. The camp features a large multi-purpose room where we will eat, play games, conduct activities, have movie night and more.  The days are typically warm, and the nights are cool. This is NOT CAMPING... the state park is full equipped with all our needs. Teen cabins feature 4 sets of bunk beds, electric outlets and showers.  NO WIFI or cell service is available... this is truly serene.  

Male cabins and Female cabins are also separated.  


As we travel to the West side of the island it gets really HOT. We will be staying in a warmer drier climate at a vacation home. Teens will be able to have a BBQ cookout, make their own Sundaes and even have mani-pedi night. We have more exploration and beach days on this side of the island, so very little time is spent at this home. While we have a full kitchen, most meals will be eaten out as we explore the island. Wifi is provided. 

O'ahu is known as the Gathering Place.

Offering so much more than the outer islands, but not as tropical or naturally preserved. Teens are in for a real treat as we stay at the Ocean View Condos just one mile from their own semi-private beach (teen voted best beach). Great for body boarding and sunbathing. Nestled in the mountains of Makaha, this condo allows for the teens to be closer to the homeless encampments...meaning less travel, more sleep. The weather is almost always really HOT; however, most summers we get to witness the amazing double rainbow as it sits on the cascading rolling mountains as we return home in the evening. One more feature that is truly amazing on this island is that we are on the West side...the sunsets are truly spectacular and we can see them every night. Wifi is provided. 

Our second location on O'ahu is located on Waikiki just steps from the ocean. We spend 2 nights/3 days at a historical Queen Kapiolani Hotel with all amenities. During this time, teens will have workshops in the conference rooms. This makes our Waikiki exploration, surfing, etc., even more enjoyable. Wifi is provided

Maui is known as the Valley Isle

Out of the eight Hawaiian Islands, Maui is by far the most unique one. ... The golden child of the archipelago is famously known as the Valley Isle, a name earned because of its location between two mountains: Haleakala to the east and the West Maui Mountains. No matter where you stay on this island you are close to the ocean and beautiful scenery. Our vacation rental home has beautiful views, a large yard, complete with all the snorkeling and ocean fun activity equipment, bike riding, and even a stone pizza oven in the backyard. 

Of course WIFI is provided and all the amenities. Maui is coastal area and the tropical breezes flow through the homes providing a refreshing living environment. Maui is very laid back and outdoor activities are the locals entertainment. While the summers are warm to hot, this island is windy and less humid than the Big Island. 

Mountain Lake
Palm Trees

Accommodations are subject to change without notice and due to many covid restrictions still in place on some islands, locations are determined accordingly .

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