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Welcome to our 'Ohana (family)

Enrollment 2024

Join our Journey of a lifetime opportunity!!

Live Your Summer with a Purpose!!


1.  Please fill out this PRE- REGISTRATION form HERE.

  • Your personal essay why you choose to attend this service program.


2.  Complete the FULL APPLICATION and mail it along with the following information:

  • Completed Release of Liability

  • Completed Insurance and Health Requirements, Statement of Insurance and Permission form, along with copies of your policy.

  • Medical release for prescription refills from your doctor. 

  • Current Transcripts showing completion of at least 8th grade.

  • One recommendation letter from either a youth leader, coach, teacher, or employer

  • 2 Copies of your school photos or Passport size photos

  • 1 copy of your drivers license if applicable.

  • Here is the Packing/Check List information. (2nd page of itinerary)


Ultimate Teen Summer
July 3rd - 25th 
23- Day Program
includes inter-island flights
200 Hour Community Service Certificate
Leadership Workshop Certificates
President's Volunteer Award
Tax Deductible Tuition Costs!!

Big Island-Hawai'i
Teen Mentoring Leadership Service Program
Two Tour Dates/Can be done combined
July 3rd -12th  $4,790. 
July 12th-25th $6,990.
All days 3rd-25th $9,990.

60-120 Hours of Community Service Certificates
Leadership Workshop Certificates
Hours TOWARDS the President's Volunteer Award
Tax Deductible Tuition Costs!!!

6 Spots Open ~

Please note: Departure date requires teen to depart after 2pm on July 19th, or there is a $300. charge for the hotel stay/meals for next day departure.

Teen Mentoring Summer camp
Teen Adventure Tours Hawaii Summer
Teen Mentors in Kona Hawaii enjoying shave ice
Teen Mentoring Summer Camp
Cultural Lessons Hawaiian Hula Teen Mentors
Hawaiian Cultural Lessons

Maui Island
Teen Mentoring Leadership Service Program
8- Day Tour 
June 10th- 17th
70 Hours of Community Service Certificates
Leadership Workshop Certificates
Hours TOWARDS the President's Volunteer Award
Tax Deductible Tuition Costs!!!
Due to COVID, this year we will have ALL BOYS/Campers and Teens.

Maui is Boys Only 2024

Spring Break Service

Groups of 6 or more can choose their dates between March - May 
6 - 8 days available
Choice of Adventures and Island stay 
Costs between

Tuition Costs Include:
  • Full Inclusive Tour from teens arrival on the islands to the departure.
  • All meals and snacks provide set forth in the itinerary. Our program strives to be organic and GMO free. Home cooked meals for 80% of the tour. (special accommodations due to culture or health issues can be arranged, fees may apply)
  • Hotel, Condo and Camp accommodations. Use of all needed supplies.
  • Transfers for all tours, inter-island transport and airport transfers.
  • Cultural and Tour entrance fees, lessons, tips, taxes, etc.
  • Summer Camp T-shirts matching your camp buddies.
  • Welcome Care Pack (includes most hygiene and other necessities to live on the islands)
  • 24-Hour supervision by qualified staff 
  • Tax Deductible Tuiton
  • Your tuition helps cover the sponsorship for your camp buddy. We are a NON PROFIT run 100% by volunteers
Tuition DOES NOT Include:
  • Roundtrip airfare to and from assigned Hawaiian Islands (we can guide you through the process for arrival transfers)
  • Travel or Medical insurance. We recommend you purchase travel/trip insurance. 
  • Meals and/or snacks your teen wishes to purchase while they are on their free time, shopping, or any extra's they might wish to have.
  • Shopping and Spending money for souvenirs, personal items, medical or emergency fees. (it is recommended that each participant have at least $150 spending money)
  • Extra costs for health or meal restrictions. The cost of living is extremely high on the islands up to 40% higher than on the mainland and some items are rare or hard to find. We will estimate the difference before arrival depending on your teens health needs
  • EXTRA DAY/NIGHT due to your departure. add $300 for the supervised hotel accommodations/meals.
Tax Deduction Option:
  • You may request a tax deductible tuition cost as we are partners with Project Hawai'i, Inc. a nonprofit that will utilize your donation towards the camp fees for the homeless children; therefore allows your tuition to be up to 100% tax deductible. If you choose to take this option, please notify us with your pre-registration form so we can process the donation properly. IRS rules and regulations prohibit REFUNDS/RETURNS on charitable donations. This will effect any cancellation due to emergency or withdraw of your teen. (Please also note refund policy and dates)
Bonus Referral Funds:
  • Receive up to $1,100.00 off your tuition per referral of a friend or classmate who enroll in Project Hawai'i Teen Mentoring Program.
    • 1st friend = $200. off
    • 2nd = additional $200. off
    • 3rd = additional $200. off
    • 4th & 5th = additional $300. off
  • Groups of 6 or more can inquire for group discount.
Deposit and Tuition Refund Policy Schedule:
(tax deductible donation options are NON Refundable)
Want to conduct a fundraiser towards your tuition?
We have lots of proven ways to help you with this journey. All donations are tax deductible to all those who support your efforts.
Contact us for more details 
Click the link for an online platform that offers less fees than most.

Scholarships and Grant Opportunities

Teen Mentors with their camp buddies in Hawaii
Project Hawai’i, Inc. teen mentoring summer program at the ocean
Teen Mentors making Hawaiian hula skirts with tei leaves
Teen Mentors on Body Glove Cruise in Hawaii
Project Hawai’i, Inc. teen mentoring summer camp
Teen mentors with homeless children in hawaii
Teen Mentors Summer Camp Project Hawai’i, Inc.
Teen Mentors on Body Glove Cruises Hawaii Project Hawai’i, Inc.
Teen Mentors at their surf lessons in Waikiki
Zipline and Exploration in Hawaii with Project Hawai’i, Inc. teen mentor summer camp
Snorkel Cruise in Hawaii with Project Hawai’i, Inc. teen mentor summer camp
Making LauLau in Hawaii Teen Mentors

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