BFF Guidelines:
  • Can be siblings or friends of the same gender
  • Must have pre-application and deposit in by March 30th
Early Enrollment Discount Guidelines:
  • Must have pre-registration and deposit in by March  28th. This allows us to book flights, etc early and save funds in the long run.

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This is the ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC Project Hawai'i. We live on the islands with Aloha. Please do not be fooled by other companies out there or mistaken because they use the name Project Hawai'i. For information about our nonprofit organization please visit or our summer camp site for the homeless children.

Cultural Institute of America is the tour sponsor for this program, and run through Project Hawai'i, Inc.

*itinerary, accommodations, tours, adventures, workshops all subject to change at anytime without notice due to unforeseen circumstances, weather, etc.